Growing your business is a daily challenge, and it’s easy to sound like a broken record. If you’re wondering how to get more customers for your small business, especially on a limited budget, you’re in luck. Here are some unique ideas to help you reach a larger audience. 

1. Get Involved in Community Events

What better way to get your business out there than to put yourself out there? One of the greatest assets of a small business is the owner and team behind it. By associating your face with the name, you can become a walking advertisement for your business in the most authentic way. No matter how small your community is, there are plenty of events you can attend to help reach a wider audience — and it probably won’t cost you a penny.

While you can do the usual thing, like set up a booth at the next trade show or be a guest speaker at an event, brainstorming how to get more customers for free can be powerful. When it comes to local events, you can market your business just by socializing a little more. Sure, it can feel awkward to approach people and start chatting, but there’s no better place to network than in a place where everyone’s having fun with their neighbors.

No matter what event you attend, be sure to bring business cards with you, but don’t focus too much on winning people over. Instead, try to have genuine, friendly interactions with others in your community. When it comes up naturally, let them know you own a business and that you’d love for them to stop by. Keep it short, and don’t mention you’re figuring out how to get more customers. Just offer your card or even a discount coupon to help them remember where to find you, and turn the conversation back to them. 

2. Find New Ways to Advertise

If you’ve already tried handing out fliers, putting signs on the sidewalk, and even listing your company in local magazines, the next step to get more customers will involve a little more creativity. Today’s consumers love it when businesses get involved with their favorite causes, so why not partner up with a local organization and show your support through a donation or sponsorship while marketing your business at the same time?

Depending on your industry and budget, you could sponsor a local sports team and get a banner on the field, or you could find a charity that’s helping your community thrive. In any case, speak with the organizer in advance about your donation. Ask them what they need, and see if they’d be interested in partnering up for a community campaign.

Aside from making a charitable contribution on behalf of your business, this partnership can do wonders in building a reputation for your business and showcasing your values, even to those learning about you for the first time. Make sure you feature the donation on your social pages, on your website, and somewhere in-store. If you want to get customers involved, consider creating a month-long event with a percentage of all sales going towards the cause. 

3. Look for Complementary Services

If you’re thinking about how to get more customers beyond your normal clientele, try tapping into the visitors of other businesses in your town. This will take some networking and negotiation, but if you can find other businesses that offer complementary services, you can cross-promote by asking them to tell their customers about your services and vice versa.

Some excellent examples of this are a hair salon partnering with a nail studio, or a watersports operation partnering with a nearby restaurant to send clients to after a long day. If you produce local coffee, you could even get your coffee beans on the shelves of some local boutique stores or provide supplies so they can brew a complimentary cup for customers, along with a coupon to buy more from you.

Once you start thinking about the possibilities, cross-promotion can easily be one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers. 

Final Thoughts on How to Get More Customers 

Figuring out how to get more customers is an age-old struggle, but now that you’ve got some big new ideas to consider, you’re ready to go forth and conquer! Try new approaches, see what works best for you, and keep on brainstorming. There’s no need to feel stuck in the same loop of asking for referrals, running promotions, and chasing down old customers for more business. 

Once you get going, you might even find that these new outreach methods are fairly easy, and even enjoyable. But, as you begin to solidify your place in the community, what if you need help pulling it off? Continuing to grow your business requires the right tools and software, like those offered by the National Merchants Association. 

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