National Merchants Association is proud to partner with Fraud Wrangler to offer an unprecedented level of account protection. Fraud Wrangler is a revolutionary platform that was designed to forecast, prevent, and combat chargebacks.

Far from just providing alerts like other systems, Fraud Wrangler is an automated, AI-enabled MID lifespan protection system. Using proprietary machine-learning technology, Fraud Wrangler provides instant, automated decision-making that heads off chargebacks before they occur. In addition Fraud Wrangler provides a single dashboard to integrate between your alert platforms, CRM, and order analytics to help you get the “full picture” of your MIDs anytime, and immediately take action from one console to handle chargebacks and alerts.

Why do chargebacks occur?

Oftentimes, with card-not-present transactions, chargebacks happen due to fraud, identity theft, or other malicious intent from an end-user whose identity cannot be verified against the card being used. However, a merchant can receive a dispute due to “friendly” fraud, a chargeback that occurs when a consumer makes a purchase and then requests their money back after receiving the purchased goods or services.

Is Fraud Wrangler right for your business?

If you’re an ecommerce business, Fraud Wrangler is absolutely necessary to maintain the health of your merchant account. Fraud Wrangler helps merchants take a proactive approach to their merchant account to prevent, manage, and forecast potentially damaging activity.

How it Works:

Fraud Wrangler uses a powerful AI/ML based decisioning engine that analyzes thousands of data points about each order – customer, timing, ticket size, and much more. It’s been trained on millions of orders, and it assigns each order a percentage likelihood of becoming a chargeback. As a user you have the option to simply “flag” higher-risk orders for follow up (such as contacting the customer to address any issues), or Fraud Wrangler can simply auto-refund the transaction through your CRM based on a threshold you set (for example, many users choose to auto-refund any order that has an 80% or higher likelihood of charging back). The automation is very popular because you can “set it and forget it” and Fraud Wrangler will continue working for you 24/7, protecting your MID.

How It’s Different:

PreVent alerts
Other platforms notify you when a chargeback has been initiated. Only Fraud Wrangler analyzes your order stream in real time to tell you when an order is likely to become a chargeback in the future – giving you an opportunity to prevent it.

Bank-level interception
Fraud Wrangler provides automatic refunds by intercepting inbound disputes before they become chargebacks.

Trend observation and visibility
Merchants receive comprehensive status updates via email to ensure full visualization of account status and chargeback standing.

Forecasting you can count on
Fraud Wrangler forecasts inbound disputes and alerts merchants when they are approaching non-compliance, and visualizes chargeback status.

Constant account monitoring
Fraud Wrangler manages inbound disputes by count and cost volume, so merchants can evaluate each case by severity and degree.