Learn the basics of taking payments online.

National Merchants Association provides payment processing solutions for websites of all types and works to keep processing rates as low as possible. No matter your type of business, we can hep you get the processing you need.

With NMA, you can be assured of:

  • The lowest payment processing rates
  • Continued education on best practices
  • Support that advocates on behalf of merchants everywhere

Did you know?

Certain online stores are considered high risk for a number of reasons other than not having qualifying financials. They are generally labeled high risk simply because they accept card-not-present transactions or because they sell certain goods.

High Risk Experts

The high risk experts at National Merchants Association Work For You® to get your merchant account approved and increase its longevity. We’re an industry-leading processor of high risk merchant account solutions. Partnering with NMA saves you money and enhances your image.


If you sell online, you’re essentially an ecommerce merchant. NMA offers these merchants the most robust suite of eCommerce products in the industry and we are committed to providing all merchants the ability to accept payments quickly and securely.

Our solutions include:

  • Fraud Wrangler
  • iSpy Fraud™
  • iProcess™
  • Gateway Emulator™
  • Merchant Defender