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Underwriting and Risk Processes

NMA’s in-house Underwriting and Risk departments ensure that each merchant account receives exemplary service and maintenance.

Quality Control:

NMA’s Quality Control experts receive merchant account applications and review the contents and ancillary documents submitted. The required merchant account package typically varies from vertical to vertical as a result of numerous factors, including: business history, previous financials, requested account type and industry. Quality Control ensures that documents are complete, and verifies business and business owner information included in the Merchant Processing Application (MPA).


NMA’s Underwriting experts provide meticulous reviews of merchant applications – ensuring that documents are legal, authentic and in alignment with merchant acceptability criteria and internal credit policies.

The team also analyzes potential account risks and liability. NMA accepts merchant accounts of all risk levels, and specializes in high-risk processing for merchants susceptible to chargebacks, fraud, and general card-not-present risks. Our Underwriting experts carefully consider factors like payment environment and industry type to prescribe custom processing solutions to be implemented after account activation. Once the underwriting process is complete, the application is either approved or declined.

Risk Management:

After MID activation, NMA’s Risk Management experts take over account management, examining merchant transactions for possible fraudulent or concerning activities.

NMA’s proprietary risk mitigation tools provide continuous monitoring throughout the life of merchant accounts – ensuring that all MIDs are properly maintained. Depending on identified risk levels, merchant accounts may be manually reviewed daily, weekly, or bimonthly. NMA’s Risk Management experts rely on software like Fraud Wrangler to integrate with e-commerce merchant accounts and provide high-level risk management powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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